Art is officially imitating life on The Big Bang Theory, thanks to a fortuitous wedding for the show's most socially awkward character and the dashing, not-at-all-awkward fellow who plays him.

Shortly after Sheldon Cooper proposed at last to Amy (Mayim Balik), actor Jim Parsons married his own longtime partner Todd Spiewak on Saturday, May 13. The wedding was first reported by the New York Post's Page Six.

Parsons and Spiewak had been together for fourteen years before putting a respective ring on it, tying the knot at the Rainbow Room in New York City. The actor is famously close-mouthed about his private life, but gave fans a reverse-wedding gift in the form of a few sweet snaps from the event posted on social media. After exchanging vows in classic black, the two grooms pulled a quick change and hit the dance floor at their reception in a pair of stunning Tom Ford tuxedos, where they made a very elegant and romantic pair.

Parsons has played Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory since 2007, a role for which he has won five Emmy Awards. The character has been such a hit with fans that a spin-off prequel about Sheldon is currently in the works; Parsons will narrate the series while newcomer Iain Armitage plays Sheldon as a child. The show will also be a collaborative effort for the newlyweds, as both Parsons and Spiewak will serve as producers.