Jim Carrey Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey tapped into the manic energy and physical comedy that defined his early career while hosting Saturday Night Live.

Carrey was game for anything, including proposing to an already married audience member during his monologue ...

... and wearing a black tutu for an off-the-wall parody of ballerina thriller Black Swan. ("Once you go black ... swan, you never go back ... swan," his character angrily told Bill Hader's dance instructor after he was not picked for the title role.)

The former In Living Color star also won fans over as a celebrity impressionist-turned-psychic who had better luck channeling famous actors both dead (Jimmy Stewart) and alive (Alan Thicke) than his customer's deceased loved ones.

Carrey, with Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig, offered a disturbing "taste of New York" for Big Apple tourists, singing about scabs and junkies.