Hours after Joe Biden became the projected president-elect of the United States, Saturday Night Live aired its last cold open of the election season. Jim Carrey returned as the newly minted winner Biden, with Maya Rudolph joining him as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and of course, Alec Baldwin showed up for what he is probably hoping was his last go-around as Donald Trump.

In his victory speech, Carrey's Biden promised to "president for all Americans, whether you're from a liberal state like California, or a conservative state like Oklahoma, or a cracked-out hot mess like Florida." Rudolph's Harris, meanwhile, addressed the little Black and brown girls watching, saying, "Your mom is going to switch from laughing to crying to dancing pretty much all night."

The camera then cut to Baldwin's Trump, who gave his own "victory" speech and then broke into a sad rendition of the Village People's "Macho Man" in effort to "remind all of you who I really am." When it cut back to Carrey's Biden and Rudolph's Harris, they broke out their best Ace Ventura impressions, because "there must be a winner and... a loser."

Check out the video above to watch the entire cold open.

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