Comedy Central said "no" to the Prophet Muhammad on South Park, but it's saying "yes" to a possible show about Jesus Christ.

Titled JC, the half-hour animated comedy will revolve around Christ, who moves to New York City to "escape his father's enormous shadow" in an attempt to live life as a regular guy, according to a news release.

Comedy Central censors South Park after Muslim group's warning

His apathetic father, God, meanwhile, is only concerned with playing video games.JC

is only in the development stage, meaning it's a long way off from making it on the airwaves.The news comes two weeks after Comedy Central censored South Park's depiction of Muhammad in an episode following warnings from a radical Muslim group.

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However, the network has depicted Christ before on various South Park episodes without censorship. South Park itself, according to series lore, was born out of a short titled "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa."What do you think of the idea?