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Jessica Jones: Jessica May Be Headed to Jail!

We hope she looks good in orange

Lindsay MacDonald

We hope Jessica (Krysten Ritter) looks good in orange because the newest photo from Jessica Jones' second season suggests she might be spending some time behind bars.

Ritter shared a pic from the upcoming season on her Instagram which appears to show Jessica in jail -- or at the very least, under arrest at a police station -- with her hands chained to her waist. Do those poor officers seriously not think she can break those chains with her pinky finger? We can only assume she's using her one phone call in the photo, but it's hard to tell who's on the other side of the line.

One would normally assume it's Trish (Rachael Taylor), but some photos from the set imply that Trish will actually be getting arrested right alongside Jessica. Our next best guess would be one of the other Defenders (the surviving ones at least), but that doesn't exactly feel right either. Most likely, it's everyone's favorite crossover character, Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), but if things have gotten as far as chains, there may not be much she can do...

If you want to get super speculative about it, just take a look at a recent storyline in the Jessica Jones comics.

The latest comics from Brian Michael Bendis see Jessica visit The Cellar, a prison specifically designed to hold the world's deadliest super villains. It stands to reason a place like that would be the only prison that could stand a chance at containing someone as strong as Jessica, but that doesn't mean we want her to wind up in jail! Here's hoping she's just going undercover instead of going away for life.

Jessica Jones premiere March 8 on Netflix.