After Jessica was jettisoned last week, we're down to the final seven, all of whom are easily worth their rock salt. But with Deanna and MiG each performing songs they wrote, the magnificent seven could suddenly become the furious five if INXS isn't thrilled with the pair's creative results. Just ask any all-original band out there: Getting an audience to connect with unknown music is as tough as scoring tickets to a U2 tour. Usually, "Here's one we wrote" comes across as "Go get a beer." So Deanna and His MiGness definitely have their work cut out for them.

Suzie: She desperately wanted to sing an original, but had to settle for the Stones' "Start Me Up." Which she nailed. If that performance doesn't keep her out of the bottom three, nothing will.
J.D.: I've never been a Foreigner fan. Or a J.D. fan, for that matter. But his take on "Cold as Ice" has me thinking. Maybe what INXS needs is someone as daring as J.D., who made the tune sound downright fierce.
Deanna: The first original song is titled "My Truth," which instantly makes me think of two things: former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey's truth and Britney Spears' sphinxlike query, "Can you handle my truth?" Yes, it's a solid performance, but I think it's time to go get a beer.
Ty: Navarro calls Ty's "Proud Mary" "Ty-riffic," and I realize that even Dave has nothing new left to say about the rockers. It's time to shake up the competition, guys.
MiG: The second original number of the night comes from MiG, who sings something called "Do or Die." Like Deanna's, it's solid, but I still find myself feeling thirsty. And is that a zebra-striped codpiece he's wearing? If so, it should be endangered.
Marty: I've seen Live twice in concert, and each time I wished I were dead. So I was happy to hear Marty (looking very Vampire Lestat) make "I Alone" sound as killer as it should.
Jordis: With scarves on her mike stand, Jordis does her best to channel Steven Tyler for one of Aerosmith's classics. But it's just not working. A mix of bad notes and some awkward stage moves might be enough to turn "Dream On" into a nightmare for Jordis, who I say will end up in the bottom three for the first time. But it could be good for her. After all, you have to come close to losing to know how to win.