Those days of blue skies at USA Network are long gone, replaced by the cloudy gloom of psychological dramas. But hey, at least we'll get to see Jessica Biel!

Biel is officially returning to television as the star of the network's upcoming series The Sinner, which was officially picked up by USA at the Television Critics Association winter previews Tuesday after being announced last September. The Sinner is an anthology series (aren't they all nowadays?) and marks the first series pickup of the year by the ever-evolving network.

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In the first season, Biel will play a mother who commits a horrible act of violence in a fit of rage but has no idea why she did it. Bill Pullman, returning to television for the first time since 1600 Penn, stars as an investigator who explores Biel's character's psyche to figure out what made her explode. We're guessing some crazy stuff goes down.

Biel, who also produces The Sinner under her production company Iron Ocean, hasn't had a regular television role since starring in 7th Heaven.

The Sinner fits in with USA's new push towards more serious drama following the success of Mr. Robot, which also delved deep into the mind of someone who may not be all right in the head.

USA has not yet confirmed a premiere date or episode count for Sinners.