Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

More than 8.4 million viewers tuned in to last week's third-season premiere of Jersey Shore, shattering ratings records and becoming MTV's most-watched series telecast to date.

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We thought we'd put that number in perspective and compare it the numbers of some other "popular" shows. See how your favorites stack up!

Jersey Shore's season premiere ratings is equal to about:

7.2 episodes of any primetime OWN show
7 episodes of Californication
4.2 episodes of Gossip Girl
3.9 episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
3.8 episodes of One Tree Hill
3.7 episodes of 90210
3.4 episodes of Dexter
2.5 episodes of Boardwalk Empire
2.3 episodes of The Vampire Diaries
2.3 episodes of Late Night with David Letterman
2.2 episodes of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
2 episodes of Sons of Anarchy
1.8 episodes of Community
1.6 episodes of Burn Notice
1.5 episodes of The Walking Dead
1.5 The Craigslist Killer-caliber Lifetime movie premieres
1.5 episodes of The Closer
1.4 episodes of Hell's Kitchen

(To be fair, it should also be known that it would take about three Jersey Shores to equal one Dancing with the Stars.)