The Carmichael Show, which kicks off its second season tonight, seeks out meaningful, socially relevant topics to discuss in a way that most comedy series — especially multi-camera, taped-in-front-of-studio-audience ones — don't attempt anymore. This season's topics will include infidelity, immigration and Bill Cosby.

Co-creator and star Jerrod Carmichael spoke with about how his show approaches such topics.

The Carmichael Show exclusive sneak peek: why do successful people cheat?

"We want to explore things that people are really talking about, but in the most honest way possible," Carmichael says. "It's not just picking headlines, but it is the topics of discussion that come up the most."

Carmichael's goal is to create an unfiltered show that reflects the reality of how American families talk with each other, an All in the Family for the 2010s. You'll have to watch to see if he succeeds.

The Carmichael Show premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC, and moves to its regular time, Sundays at 9/8c, on March 13.