Skeet Ulrich courtesy CBS Skeet Ulrich courtesy CBS

Some new intel on Jericho's return. The show could resurface as soon as October (depending on how quickly CBS' first fall casualty croaks), the budget is smaller, and a "great cliff-hanger" will cap the seven-episode encore. So executive producer Stephen Chbosky tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette .

Speaking to money matters, Chbosky says the tighter wallet will embody itself in less frequent guest stars and fewer road trips for Jake and the gang. For example, "In Season 2, we want to investigate and explore Cheyenne," he reveals, "and a line producer could say, 'Cheyenne may come to Jericho now.'"

As for the aformentioned cliff-hanger, Chbosky tells the paper he won't leave Jericho's passionate fans hanging again if he (alas) doesn't have to: "We know how to wrap up the show if we have to."