Question: Will we find out what Jake was up to during his missing five years on Jericho? If you have any inside info, I'll owe you big time.

Answer: I'm hearing that this season's third episode will shed light on Jake's time in Iraq. And without spilling too much, something from his past has reared its ugly head in his present.

In related news,'s resident Jericho nut Megan Cherkezian just finished screening Episode 2, and she reluctantly graciously compiled the following teasers exclusively for AA readers.

• Emily learns of a disturbing change that will affect the nation's future.
• Eric is offered an important position.
• A big visitor arrives in Jericho, but will he be accepted?
• A death gets in the way of Jake's new plan.
• A familiar face comes back to Jericho, but no one's happy about it.