Question: I have a dream: Kristen Bell joining Heroes for a third season, a third season of Jericho, a fourth season of Supernatural and a new Star Trek series within my lifetime! How possible is this dream?

Answer: That's actually several dreams, AJ, but the good news is that I'd say 65 percent of them are possible. Scale back the first, don't count on the second, and rejoice in the fact that the third has already come true. (BTW, the four post-strike eps of Supernatural start airing on April 24.) The last dream, of course, is as infinite as space itself, which is to say, who the hell knows? Speaking of Supernatural, though, the Winchester brothers will be starring on a reality-show-within-the show called "Ghostfacers!" a Blair Witch-style deal with a quirky staff that includes a cute, friendly girl and her boyfriend, a very tall, not easily amused cameraman.