Poor Ken Jennings. Last May the record-breaking Jeopardy! brainiac was beaten by former Pennsylvania record-clerk Brad Rutter in the game show's three-day Tournament of Champions. Rutter scored a cool $2 million, while runner-up Jennings walked off the stage with $500,000 and Alex Trebek's undying respect.

Having quit his computer software job, he's gone on to do TV commercials for Cingular and Allstate, designed a board game and even appeared alongside Grover on Sesame Street. When he's not busy with his various and sundry projects, the Type-A personality occasionally permits himself some time to zone out in front of the boob tube. Here, we submit Ken's viewing habits for your amusement.

TV Guide: What are you watching?
Ken Jennings:
I never miss Jeopardy! It's true. [I watch it] to size up the competition. I'm also a big Iron Chef fan — not the American remake but the original. And The Daily Show. I agree with Jon Stewart's views on the media.

TVG: What's on your TiVo?
My wife is a big TiVo fan, but I've been holding off using it because I'm afraid it'll make me watch too much television. I'll get around to it.

TVG: What's the last DVD you watched?
The Incredibles. I'm a big animation fan, and I just loved all the great extras. And I recently watched Bambi, which I've loved and been traumatized by since I was a kid. And I could watch The Office boxed set all day.

TVG: Who is your favorite TV character?
The David Brent character from The Office. He may be a poor role model, but he makes for incredible television. You're laughing at him and laughing with him. He's so repulsive, but very charismatic.

TVG: What were your favorite shows growing up?
I always watched Star Trek reruns. I wanted to be an astronaut, and what better show was there for a six-year-old who wants to see fistfights and aliens? In my teenage years, I became a huge Simpsons fan. There are many times that half of what I say is quotes from The Simpsons.

TVG: D'oh! Guess we're out of TV questions. Thanks Ken!