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Supernatural Ending Hasn't Hit Jensen Ackles: 'I Have Yet to Get Truly Sappy'

There's still time though

Keisha Hatchett

Jensen Ackles is stepping behind the camera for the sixth and final time on Supernatural to direct this Thursday's episode, which finds Sam and Dean investigating the murder and disappearance of two high school girls. The upcoming installment, titled "Atomic Monsters," is a much-needed return to form for the Winchesters, who have had their hands full in recent weeks trying to contain Chuck's (Rob Benedict) apocalyptic hissy fit following their refusal to kill Jack (Alexander Calvert).

The fallout, which included Chuck murdering Jack, saw a legion of ghosts and demon spirits return to Earth, with Rowena (Ruth Connell) heroically sacrificing her life in order to send them all back to hell for good. With no idea where Chuck is or what he has planned next, the perpetually embattled brothers are turning to what they know best: demon hunting.

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For Dean, this monster-of-the-week case is the perfect opportunity to push forward and take his mind off of a string of devastating recent losses, which includes Mary (Samantha Smith).

"I think he's just trying to get some piece of normalcy back in his life," Jensen Ackles told TV Guide. "Everything's kind of hitting the fan and he doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know where Chuck is. He doesn't know how to fight what he can't see, so he's like, 'let me get my hand on something. Let me feel like I'm doing something as opposed to just sitting here doing nothing.' And that's always been an important aspect of Dean. He's gotta keep moving. He's a take action kind of guy so if he's sitting idle, that's about the worst thing that can happen to him."

​Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Diyah Pera/The CW

Like Dean, Ackles is a take action kind of guy. In addition to starring in the CW's longest-running series and helming this week's episode, the actor has also teamed up with follow musician Steve Carlson to release their debut album, Radio Company Vol. 1, due out Friday, Nov. 8. "It's been over a year in the making," Ackles said. "I have a whole new appreciation for musicians and what they go through."

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Fans will get a taste of the new album in "Atomic Monsters," which will feature the single "Sounds of Someday" during a key moment in the hour, according to Variety. It's the closest we'll get to a commemorative moment for the actor's final go in the director's chair on Supernatural. Ackles admitted that while he did enjoy directing the episode, he didn't do anything special to mark the occasion.

"There wasn't too much of the sappiness or the commemorative type of thing going on. For me, it was business as usual," he said. "This is my sixth one and they've all been pretty amazing. I have yet to get truly sappy about the whole ending situation just yet. Maybe when we come back for the last few months, then it's gonna get a little dusty in the room."

Catch Ackles pulling double duty for the last time on Supernatural when "Atomic Monsters" airs Thursday, Nov. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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