SNL Cast Member Jenny Slate SNL Cast Member Jenny Slate

Despite her widely publicized foul-mouthed flub on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, new cast member Jenny Slate isn't going anywhere.

"No truth to firing conjecture," NBC spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo told the New York Daily News. "She will not be fired."

Watch Jenny Slate drop the F-bomb on the season premiere of SNL

An FCC fine for Slate is highly unlikely, since the verbal slip occurred at 12:40 a.m. — well after the prime-time hours the FCC most heavily monitors, the paper reported.

Slate, one of two new cast members added to SNL's lineup this season, accidentally used the F-word during a skit with co-star Kristen Wiig and guest host Megan Fox.

In the sketch "Biker Chick Chat," the three frequently tossed around the words "freaking" and fricking" before Slate accidentally let the curse word fly about a minute into the sketch. "You know what? You stood up for yourself, and I f---ing love you for that," she said. 

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The curse was replaced with "freakin" in the West Coast tape delay.

Slate follows in the footsteps of former SNL cast member Charles Rocket, who dropped the F-word on the live show back in 1981.