Here's one all-star team that won't be showing up before a congressional committee anytime soon.

This week Jeopardy! brings back nine of its biggest winners for the Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Their mission: to take down Ken Jennings.

The Murray, Utah, software engineer became a national sensation last year — well, at least among America's quiz-show enthusiasts — by winning more than $2.5 million on Jeopardy! Hardly a trivial amount of money. But will the Kenster remain the show's all-time champion?

Not if this group — which includes Chuck Forrest, Frank Spangenberg, Brian Weikle, Robin Carroll, Brad Rutter, Eric Newhouse, Bob Verini, Sean Ryan and Tom Walsh — gets its way. They will spend close to six weeks competing against 45 winners from previous episodes. Out of this competition, two finalists will emerge to face off with Jennings in the Jeopardy! finals airing May 23-25.

As much as the crew is looking forward to beating Jennings ("Who wouldn't want to kick Ken's butt a little?" admits Carroll), some of them have their eyes on a bigger prize: the $2 million that will go to the last brainiac standing.

"If I win, I'll probably trade in the old Porsche [I bought after my first time on the show for a new one]," jokes Rutter, whose $1.1 million in winnings was the show's biggest haul until Jennings came along. "That'll be my new tradition. Win seven figures on Jeopardy!, buy a new Porsche."