Jennifer Love Hewitt is moving in on Julia Roberts's turf. For a scene in her new film

Heartbreakers (opening Friday), the actress paraded around in a sexy pink number that was so bust-enhancing, members of the cast and crew dubbed her Erin Brockovich.

"[That] pink dress [with] the pink bra on the outside of it... everyone called me Erin the whole time," laughs the former star of Fox's Party of Five and its short-lived spinoff Time of Your Life, who plays a con artist in the pic. "I dedicated my boobs to her in that scene, which I am sure is the weirdest thing she has ever had dedicated to her."

Taking a break from teen movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can't Hardly Wait, Hewitt continues her push towards more adult fare in the upcoming Alec Baldwin-directed remake of the 1941 classic film The Devil and Daniel Webster, in which she stars as Satan. "The devil in this is very interesting," she reveals. "She's evil and she's sweet... she's a woman basically — a woman on PMS."

Hewitt has nothing but praise for first-time director Baldwin, whose work on Devil coincided with his very public split from wife Kim Basinger. "He's my hero," she states. "He was really a trouper through everything, and he was so strong and great and put all of his [personal problems] aside the second he was with all of us.

"He is the best director I have ever worked with, and [co-star] Anthony Hopkins said the same thing," she adds of Baldwin, "which is a testament to how great he is."