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Jennifer Lopez appeared on HSN to hawk her new Love and Light fragrance two weeks before she announced her split with Marc Anthony — although in retrospect, she may have been signaling it. We put together the video montage below of J.Lo handling the question of Anthony during her six hours on live TV on July 2, and while none of these jump out as clear indicators of imminent divorce, together they paint one uncomfortable picture.

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There's the way she corrects one host's interpretation of them being "in love" to "We love each other." There's the nervous giggle when Anthony's picture pops up. There's the way she flatly refers to herself as a "fan" of his. There's the repeated theme of this perfume, which is not about "your relationship" but "what is really inside you," because "if that's right ... you really don't need anything else." Anything else? Like a husband?

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People says that the last time these two were spotted together was in early June, almost a month before this appearance. Assuming her split was well under way, Lopez's ability to answer these questions more or less honestly perhaps makes for the performance of her career. Something tells us she's gonna be all right!

Watch J.Lo's subtle signs: