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Jennifer Lopez Criticized for Saying American Idol Contestant "Sings Like A Heavy Girl"

Lindita Halimi lost 150 pounds, but all J.Lo hears is weight

Liam Mathews

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has been catching heat on Twitter for her comments about contestant Lindita Halimi during Wednesday's season premiere. Lopez said that Halimi, who lost 150 pounds in the years before her audition, still "sings like a heavy girl," which offended some viewers for its insensitivity.

During Halimi's performance, Lopez leans over to fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. and whispers "she sings like a heavy girl," which Lopez meant as a compliment to Halimi's powerful voice.

"That's true. She didn't lose that part," Connick replies.

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After Halimi leaves the room, Lopez again remarks, "she sing [sic] like a big girl, though. She didn't lose that."

In her pre-performance introduction, Halimi talks about how people made cruel comments about her weight as a teenager and how she transformed her body by losing 150 pounds and getting in incredible shape (she's now a personal trainer).

Some American Idol viewers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with Lopez's comments:

Do you think what Jennifer Lopez said was offensive? Watch the clip in question.