Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Lawrence Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Lawrence

Less than a week after winning her first Golden Globe, Jennifer Lawrence hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time.

For her monologue, Lawrence brought along a special guest from the Globes, aka "the most fun person" she's ever met, Tommy Lee Jones (played by Bill Hader0. Although he sported his signature scowl for most of her monologue, Jones did show off the Tommy Shuffle! (Could it be the new Gangnam Style?) Lawrence also took the opportunity to trash-talk her Oscar competition, including Jessica Chastain. Because, seriously, what is more impressive: catching bin Laden or catching, and then eating, a squirrel?:

Lawrence then spoofed her most famous role as Katniss Everdeen during a The Hunger Games press conference sketch. Katniss fielded questions about her relationship with fellow winner Peeta, her name — her grandmother had a speech pediment, OK? — and her rumored use of performance-enhancing drugs. However, the most burning question went to Peeta about his use of performance-reducing drugs. Oh, snap:

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Lawrence went goth to play Vag Hat lead singer and possibly bisexual teen Jessie as a guest host on the Girlfriend Talk Show. Jessie discussed everything from her piercings to her many experiences in New York, where she's been, like, two to three times:

Lawrence traded in her long black locks for some crazy crimps to play intern Busty Rhymes at the hip-hop station B-108. Despite being dubbed a "lyrical assassin," she had quite a bit of trouble getting her rhymes up to snuff for her co-hosts:

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