As Rachel on Friends, Jennifer Aniston doesn't show off her dancing skills too often. She struts her stuff in Along Came Polly (currently in theaters), but quickly realized all that hoofing around is a lot of harder than it looks.

"I was supposed to be a really good salsa dancer. I took two classes. I was supposed to take more, but I didn't," Aniston admits. "We [only] had two days shooting in New York, and then, the next bit for me was all of the salsa dancing. It was six days straight. My feet looked like raw meat. It was just disgusting, but it was so much fun. I loved it, I loved learning how to dance."

And then, a tragic twist. "Right after we shot those six days, I broke my toe," the 34-year-old says with a sigh. "So thank God we took care of all that stuff."

Turns out, shaking and shimmying with costar Ben Stiller didn't cause the broken digit. Aniston reluctantly takes responsibility for that one herself. "I stubbed it. It was just stupid," she laments. "It was absolutely ridiculous. [I injured my toe] on an ottoman."

Injuries aside, Aniston was happy to play Polly, a wild and free-spirited character who's quite different from herself. "I'm pretty controlled," she notes. "There are aspects of Polly that are very similar to me, in terms of indecision and commitment, but [I can't] think of the last time I just said, 'What the hell' and did something crazy."