Adam McKay is producing a new limited series for HBO about the investigation into financier Jeffrey Epstein. The show will be focused on the upcoming book about the case from Miami Herald journalist Julie K. Brown.

Brown's award-winning investigation into Epstein and his associates and enablers helped lead to his arrest in July on sex trafficking charges. Her reporting also brought attention to the controversial plea deal that had allowed him to avoid serious jail time following his 2008 conviction for two felony prostitution charges in Florida.

Brown continues to cover the Jeffrey Epstein case for the Miami Herald, most recently publishing a report on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Epstein's death in August.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the new series is part of McKay's deal to extend his relationship with HBO, the home of Succession and Eastbound and Down, which McKay also produces. McKay will produce the new limited series alongside Kevin Messick and will also direct the pilot.