Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis is flipping out, but this time it's no laughing matter.

The star of the Bravo reality series has sued his longtime assistant, fellow Flipping Out star Jenni Pulos, over her upcoming book, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the complaint, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by THR, Pulos told Lewis she was writing a book about her family and personal life last October. However, despite a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2008, he later learned the planned title was: Hang in There Baby — What One of the World's Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love.

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Lewis demanded she cease and desist from publishing the book and gave her another copy of the agreement. Although Pulos allegedly told him the book hadn't been written yet, the book is now listed for pre-sale on Amazon under the title Hang in There, Baby! "I have advice for surviving any difficult situation, no matter if it is in the workplace, in relationships, or in life, I have learned how to fail my way forward and bloom where your planted and you can too," Pulos says in a description of the book on her website.

Unable to get an advance copy, Lewis is now alleging that Pulos has failed to perform the conditions of her contract and asking a judge to prevent her from writing or publishing a book that exposes private, proprietary or confidential information.

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It is unclear how this lawsuit will affect Flipping Out, which is currently airing its sixth season on Bravo. Lewis and Pulos' loving but sometimes strained working relationship has been one of the show's central focuses since its inception.

"Woke up this am, being sued by your boss is really putting on the Celebrity Cinderella Slipper, Bullies Aren't Cool," Pulos tweeted Thursday.