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Flipping Out fans know Jeff Lewis always tells it like it is. Whether it's berating his maid, Zoila Chavez to make him a drink or threatening to kill himself when his assistant, Jenni Pulos, forgets a phone number, the home designer and reality TV star has never been one to shy away from sugarcoating the truth.

Now comes news that Lewis has signed on to co-host a daytime series with Tori Spelling, according to the Los Angeles Times. No word yet on what kind of topics will be covered on the program, which is described as the talk show version of Will & Grace. But bravo to the execs who realize Lewis' potential as an engaging equal opportunity offender.

ABC creating Tori Spelling talk show

For four seasons, we've watched Lewis berate his employees for everything from a bad tiling job to forgetting to get his El Pollo Loco meal without onions (a big no-no in the Lewis household). Yet, thanks to his dry wit and brutal honesty, viewers still root for the Type-A control freak to get the job done. His candor and upfront attitude would make a perfect foil to the seemingly more reserved Spelling ... or, well, anyone.

Plus, as one of Andy Cohen's most frequent guests on Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live, Lewis has already proven his ability to handle the unexpected (see: Danielle Staub's table dancing next to him in July).

Who says he can't also juggle social issues like same-sex marriage with hot new diet trends and crazy celebrity guests?

Lewis needs to be on TV regularly, beyond the too-short seasons of Flipping Out. This is one small step in the right direction.

Who's with me?