It's like Twins but with less muscle and more chaos. Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum are teaming up for a new untitled Amazon comedy that's currently in development, Deadline reports.

The potential show comes from The Simpsons' Tim Long and stars the pair as a former iconic music duo forced to reunite despite their longstanding hatred of each other. In the tiff, each falls back to their support group — a collection of wives, ex-wives, children, agents, and others in their circle — for help dealing with the other. And according to the logline, just about every character in the show is endearingly difficult.

Amazon will likely do what it's always done with its pilots, which is shoot a first episode of the comedy and then let it loose online to be judged and considered for a greenlight.

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Devito currently stars in FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which allows its main cast to star in a second series. Goldblum is mostly known for his work in film, such as the creepy chaos theorist in Jurassic Park, but who can forget his raunchy turn in FXX's The League, when his character had sex with Sarah Silverman during Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently I can't!