Edie Falco Edie Falco

Cheers to Nurse Jackie for finally letting something happen in its season finale.

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Throughout the third session of Showtime's dark comedy, very little changed. Jackie (Emmy winner Edie Falco) was still a messed-up pill-popper who's good at her job and bad at just about everything else. Subplots about administrator Gloria Akalitus (Anna Deveare Smith, the cast's weak link) trying to get Michelle Obama to visit the hospital or clueless doctor Coop (Peter Facinelli) dealing with his lesbian moms' divorce were not enough to maintain interest.

Only in the last minute of the season ender, something interesting happened. Convinced her unbelievably dim husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) had finally discovered that she had been unfaithful with pharmacist Eddie (Paul Schulze), Jackie was ready to confess. Then Kevin announced he's been having an affair — and Jackie kicked him to the curb! Now we're intrigued. Too bad we have to wait til next season to see how it plays out.

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