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Lindsay Lohan will visit The Tonight Show next week to be interviewed by Jay Leno, and at least one person isn't very happy about it: Barbara Walters.

Lohan was supposed to speak with Walters about her new Lifetime film, Liz & Dick, for a 20/20 episode that would air Nov. 16. But the actress pulled out of the interview last Friday, saying she "didn't feel up to it." Later that afternoon, NBC released a schedule indicating that the actress will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Walters addressed the news on Monday's episode of The View, saying she was "disappointed" the interview won't be happening and "would have appreciated" honesty on the part of Lohan's new PR firm about whether they would have been uncomfortable with Walters' line of questioning — which, for the record, she says would have been mostly about the parallels between Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor, whom she portrays in the movie.

Lindsay Lohan pulls out of 20/20 interview

"It would have been a wonderful, wonderful interview, and she could have set a lot of things straight," said Walters, a longtime friend of Lohan's who has known the actress since she was a child. "I think that I could have had a more honest explanation. I wish Lindsay the best."

Watch Walters' reaction, and some of her prerecorded footage with Lohan, here: