Jay Leno by Ryan Born/WireImage.com Jay Leno by Ryan Born/WireImage.com

You know it's an anticlimactic movie premiere when Jay Leno is the biggest star on the red carpet. No, seriously.

Charlie Sheen? No show.

Vanessa Williams? Uh-uh.

Surely Tom Arnold. But nope.

Kim Kardashian showed up, let photographers shoot her on the red carpet, and then split.

Apparently, all the bigger, expected celebs skipped the Thursday-night premiere of National Lampoon: One, Two, Many to instead attend a screening of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Yet there was good ol' Leno in his trademark leather jacket. Leno initially dodged reporters, ducking into the Arclight Hollywood, straight past us desperate-for-quotes types.

A straight to DVD release, National Lampoon: One, Two, Many was written and produced by Tonight Show announcer John Melendez, who stars in the sex romp.

Later, Leno resurfaced on a terrace connected to the theater and answered questions. When asked if he regretted telling actor Ryan Phillippe to "give me your gayest look" during a recent Tonight Show sitdown, Leno said, "I already apologized."

"I haven't talked to Ryan since because I talked to him before the interview," he added, not-so-subtly letting reporters know that Phillippe was fully aware that the bit was coming. "We're friends. It's a talk show."

Melendez later defended Leno when asked about the incident, saying, "Jay doesn't have a bad bone in his body. I think people in this country are taking things too literally and we've become so politically correct. It's hard being a comedian and working under that kind of pressure. Anything you say, you gotta watch."

Melendez didn't watch what he said in his movie, which had him throwing around the word "gay" in a derogatory manner and featuring stereotypically promiscuous gay characters.

The night ended at the nearby Cabana Club, where the biggest names in attendance included Robin Leach and Downtown Julie Brown. (Remember her?) - Mekeisha Madden