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Jason Momoa Says His Fight Scenes in Apple's See Were Way Tougher Than in Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo had it easy

Mekeisha Madden Toby

Jason Momoa is good at fighting on camera. Perhaps this is why his new Apple TV+ series, See, has him throwing blows and stabbing foes in each of the first three episodes. There's even a battle with a bear. Yes, a bear.

Khal Drogo, theGame of Thrones character who made Momoa a household name, never had to fight a bear -- or, for that matter, had to fight that much at all, as the actor pointed out to TV Guide. The fight scenes in See, he added, are way harder than the ones on Game of Thrones. And did we mention Momoa's character, Baba Voss, is blind?

The actor said character's blindness added to the difficulty of his fight scenes in See. "You can't sit there and blatantly look at someone, so if they're swinging at you, you can't make eye contact," Momoa explained. "It's hard. But nonetheless it's really cool."

Everything We Know About Apple TV+

See is set 100 years in the future, after a deadly virus has killed off a good chunk of humankind and blinded the rest. Momoa's Baba is the father of twins who are born with the gift of sight, a sense that is considered mythical and dangerous in this post-apocalyptic world. Because the twins have this gift, Baba has to fight to keep them safe from enemies, including an evil queen (Sylvia Hoeks). Alfre Woodard also stars as Paris, Baba's friend and spiritual advisor.

Archie Madekwe and Nesta Cooper, who play the twins, Kofun and Haniwa, as teens, said See is the most physically grueling project they have ever worked on. Madekwe even suffered several injuries as a result. And although Woodard doesn't fight on the show, she said the action-packed sequences drew her to the fantasy drama.

Check out the video above to see the cast dish on their action scenes. Momoa also discusses the toughest battle to shoot, a muddy and bloody scrimmage that director and executive producer Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) said Momoa helped conceive.

See premieres Nov. 1 on Apple TV+. Find out more about the new streaming service here.

Jason Momoa, See

Jason Momoa, See