Jason Lee by Albert L. Ortega/ WireImage.com Jason Lee by Albert L. Ortega/ WireImage.com

You can't blame Jason Lee and Matthew Gubler Gray for being a little bleary Thursday night at the DVD release of Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Jason plays Dave, while Matthew voices bespectacled Chipmunk Simon.) Lee had just come from the set of My Name is Earl, and was a bit fuzzy when asked what's in store when the show returns April 3. One tease he did spill was that guest star Alyssa Milano is back as his very pregnant wife in what looks like a '60s-inspired fantasy sequence. "Yeah, it's all sort of an imagined side of the story. You'll understand why when the season resumes," said Lee. Also dropping by the episode is, of course, Paris Hilton. "It'll probably be the most exciting thing on television since... forever," Lee smiled. "So look forward to it!" After a shorter-than-usual break, the Earl cast will start work on Season 4, which will air in the fall as usual.

Criminal Minds' Gray is also working overtime on the CBS drama's set: "I haven't eaten all day," he explained as he munched on an apple on the red carpet. "We kicked it into insane high gear. We're working on Saturdays and Sundays to fill the order. And we're doing 27 episodes next year to make up for it. The standard is 22, so it definitely affected us, made it a little bit harder on us, as far as the schedule." He shared that his character, Spencer Reid, has a "really dark episode" coming up. "He's a drug addict and they finally resolve that. So it's some pretty intense stuff." - Sharon Knolle