It's been two years since American Pie was served up to moviegoers, and Jason Biggs continues to be haunted by the now-legendary scene in which his character makes love to an apple pastry. In fact, when filmmaker Kevin Smith asked the 23-year-old New Jersey native to appear in his new comedy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (due Aug. 22), he wanted him to parody his kinky past.

"It's sort of a caricature. I'm trying to deal with being the 'Pie Guy,' which is sort of what my life has been like," Biggs tells TV Guide Online of his cameo, in which he plays himself. "For the last two years I've been known as the 'Pie Guy.' So it's sort of fun to laugh at it."

Well, in the much-anticipated Pie sequel (opening today), the 'Pie Guy' gets himself into another sticky situation when his sexually hopeless Jim — in need of some lubrication — accidentally reaches for the Super Glue. "I definitely didn't relate to getting my hand super-glued to my penis," Biggs laughs of the cringe-inducing sequence. "But I loved doing the scene because I love physical comedy. I'll probably get sick of talking about it just like I did about answering questions about what was my favorite pie."

Biggs insists, however, that Pie II is hardly one big teen orgy. "It was more about the fact that everyone is growing up," he explains. "There's definitely sex in it, but it's more than just 'Wham, bam, thank-you ma'am.' We're having new experiences and meeting new people, [and] I certainly can relate to that. It's like what I felt when I first came to L.A. and started trying to get acting jobs. Suddenly, you are getting more mature."

And Biggs is hoping that with age comes a wider range of roles — not to mention a new nickname. "I just want to use my success to try new things," he says. "I'm doing my first dramatic role in a long time in [the upcoming pic] Prozac Nation. It was a nice change and I'm hoping it will open some new windows of opportunity for me. I love comedy, but if I can do dramatic stuff, that would be really sweet."