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Is Jason Bateman's Netflix Drama Ozark His Breaking Bad?

Watch the intense trailer

Tim Surette

Jason Bateman recently signed on for a fifth season of Netflix's Arrested Development, the cult comedy that's given pop culture so many hilarious one-liners and memes that are never not appropriate. His commitment to a fifth season is a good thing, because he's going to need a few laughs after his other project.

Bateman will star in and direct several episodes of Ozark, a mysterious thriller that looks so intense that I got the flop sweats just from watching the trailer. Is this Bateman's Breaking Bad? Or is it just his Bloodline? From the looks of things, it's the former.

There isn't much known about Ozark other than Bateman plays a financial planner who moves from Chicago to Missouri. Oh and one other thing... he owes a ton of money to a Mexican drug lord. The always great Laura Linney also stars.

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But from the trailer we can see Bateman's character trying to "disappear," likely from the men he owes money to. However, if there's one thing we know about Mexican drug lords from TV and film, it's that they're a persistent bunch when it comes to debts.

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Ozark will premiere its first season on Netflix on July 21.