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Jason Bateman says he's sorry for cutting in front of a massive line to get the new iPhone — even if he didn't hear any boos from the people security led him past.

Jason Bateman allowed to cut in line for new iPhone, booed by crowd

The actor was escorted by an Apple employee into a Los Angeles store Thursday — bypassing more than 2,000 people, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though Bateman

tweeted Sunday that he only jumped the line to dodge paparazzi and that no one booed him, he apologized for causing any offense on Tuesday."Correction - If there were boos, I didn't hear them. If some were mad, I didn't see them," he tweeted. "I wish I had. If you're out there, I'm sorry."

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At least one person has Bateman's back: his former Arrested Development co-star and frequent collaborator Will Arnett."Show me someone who wouldn't have done the same and I'll show u a liar's liar," Arnett tweeted. "Ur a class act, anyone who knows you knows that."