Big Brother 5's

Jase Wiley was the unofficial (and very manipulative) leader of the Four Horsemen alliance. As fans will recall, Jase annoyed the housemates with his constant personal grooming and incessant chatter about his imagined resemblance to

Brad Pitt. (Yeah, riiight.) Not only did his abrasive, in-your-face behavior make him the most hated man in the house, but according to Nakomis, he really did make a stink with his tendency to pee on things! Here, the 28-year-old (supposed) volunteer fireman from Decatur, Ill., clears the air about the Goth girl's claim, his relationship with superperky Holly and his constant lying. We think he's telling the truth this time...

TV Guide Online: Are you upset about leaving the house?
Jase Wiley:
It is feeling good, to be perfectly honest. I was ecstatic to be out of the house.

TVGO: Really? That's surprising.
My days were done. I came to play hard and I did my thing. The twins were getting reinforcements, and I could only save myself so many weeks in a row. So why not go out now, when I don't have to be sequestered?

TVGO: Are you worried about Michael (aka Cowboy), your last loyal Horseman? Think he stands a chance on his own?
No. Poor Cowboy. I think if you look into his future, it says, "Maximum two weeks left."

TVGO: Was BB5 fun at least? You seemed like the life of the party.
I'll tell you what, I had a complete blast, and my antics in the house were just to have a good time. I don't care if people love me or if they hate me, but I'm going to be noticed for sure.

TVGO: Have you talked to your mother?
I spoke to my mom [after the show] and then Holly was back at the hotel with me, and she talked to my mom and little sister for, like, three hours on the phone. So Holly talked to them more than I did.

TVGO: What does Mom think of your behavior?
She probably would have liked to have seen the softer side of Jase the whole time in the house. But she knows my personality and knew that I was going to do what I did. She loves me and she thinks it is great.

TVGO: You masterminded quite a few plots. Do you at least admire Nakomis' plan to oust you?
Nakomis' plan was absolutely brilliant, and I totally give it to her for that. It was genius; I didn't think of that. At the same time, it makes me feel really good inside to know that it took six people in the house to take me out. And they were so afraid of me that they all had to get together to get me out. So that's, like, a big compliment.

TVGO: You looked really shocked when Holly showed up on the live show. How are you two now?
I guess it was just the shock of being out of the house. I was absolutely excited to see her. What people may not know is that Marvin was feeding me a lot of crap, saying that she really didn't like me. I was really starting to question that in the house. And when I saw her, it was like, "Wow, well maybe she does really care."

TVGO: Well, you did still ask if Holly showed up for Scott as well.
Well, Scott has been working on Holly the whole time. Scott's been trying to call her and everything.

TVGO: I thought he wasn't interested.
Yeah, after she shot him down. He took a pair of her panties, the zebra ones, and he has been calling her several times. Before he went back to Pittsburgh, he made several attempts and he was just begging her to meet him.

TVGO: What's the deal: Do you live in L.A. or Illinois?
The true story is that I graduated from college in May of last year, and I moved out to L.A. I love acting and entertainment. I really want to get involved with that. However, I have gone home frequently to visit my family in Illinois. To get on this reality show, I couldn't say that I was a struggling actor out in Hollywood — I had to be a fireman in Illinois.

TVGO: So are you really a fireman or is that fake?
When I was home, I actually worked as a volunteer fireman. So no lies.

TVGO: Are you mad at Drew for voting against you?
I'm not mad at Drew. I feel that Drew is a very young kid and he just graduated from college and doesn't have a lot of world experience under his belt. As far as the game goes, I don't fault him for saving the girl. He betrayed me, yes, but it was a game. I would have done the same thing. In that regard, I cannot hold bitter feelings toward him.

TVGO: Do you think Drew and Diane stand a chance outside of the house?
I absolutely do not think that Drew and Diane will stand a chance outside of the house. I don't know what their relationship is, and I don't really want to know, but I don't think it would last outside.

TVGO: Nakomis told Julie Chen that you peed on things. Is this true?
There is a true story. If you recall the golden veto ceremony with the busting of the pigs, everyone came out one at a time to drop in their coins or whatever. We were all locked down in different rooms of the house. On TV, it appears like that just happened in five minutes. But in reality, I was locked in the concrete room for an hour and I had to pee. They wouldn't let me out and I kept saying into my microphone, "I have to go pee. I have to go pee really bad." It was starting to sting. I put some towels together and I peed on the towels. I did the competition, I went right back in the room, I got the towels and I took them outside immediately [and washed them]. I told Big Brother [producers], when I talked to them in the diary room, and [I asked], "Can you dispose of them?" And they said, "Absolutely, Jase." But I had mentioned to Will that I had to pee so bad, I peed on these towels and then he ran and spread [the rumor] that I'm just peeing on everything.

TVGO: It sounded like it was a habitual thing.
They made it sound like that. I did pee in my boot when I was up on the block [during another competition] for nine hours and 35 minutes. I have a small bladder. So I peed in my boot on that, and then the towel thing, but I totally disposed of them.

TVGO: What's up with the Brad Pitt obsession?
I met Brad. That is why I was kind of working that angle on the show. For Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they actually selected me to be Brad Pitt's body double. But his head was buzzed for that, and they wanted me to buzz my head. I was going to do it, and then I found out it was under 10 days of work, so it really wouldn't have been worth it. Actually, CBS wrote a letter to Brad asking if he would make a guest appearance. I was hoping maybe he'd remember me from that.