When we heard Janice Dickinson was being replaced on America's Next Top Model by '60s icon Twiggy, we were devastated. Top Model without Janice? That's like Paris Hilton without Tinkerbell.

We got right on the phone with the World's First Supermodel, who says reports of her demise have been greatly exaggerated. "I quit the show, but I'm back on it," Dickinson explains. But she'll no longer be a judge. "I'll be on in a different capacity. I was hired to be the Simon Cowell of the show, and I fulfilled [that obligation]. Now I'm free to do [other] stuff and, trust me, the calls are coming in at a rapid rate. I'm a hot property."

The temperature starts rising July 10 with VH1's The Surreal Life, in which Dickinson bunks with professional reality villain Omarosa Manigault Stallworth. You know we're psyched about this!

"You better be," Janice cracks. "It's, like, the most rocking show there is. I didn't want to do Surreal Life at first because hopping into a Jacuzzi and having sex on air isn't my cup of tea," she says. "But I will blow your mind without having to do the nasty-nasty. La Janice isn't crazy — she just has a lot of spirit."

Therefore, don't expect Janice to enjoy any strange love (or "nasty-nasty") in the Surreal manse like Brigitte Nielsen and Flava Flav did. "We all sized each other up and there was no way I was having sex with anybody except the three-legged dog, and I'm not into that either," she laughs. "I had my nose in a book most of the time."

Besides Janice and Omatrocious, The Surreal Life 5's cast includes scandal-ridden baseball player José Canseco — "We have the same [book] publisher and [our] daughters go to the [same] elementary school," Janice says — as well as Perfect Strangers alum Bronson "Balki" Pinchot, Salt-n-Pepa's Sandi Denton, British model Caprice and motocross maniac Carey Hart.

Janice's take on this eclectic assortment of D-list housemates? "I never watched The Apprentice, but Omarosa went around telling me how famous she is," she sniffs. "I heard that Caprice was a supermodel, but I never saw her on the shows in Paris." On the bright side, she adds: "I didn't know who Carey Hart was until I stood underneath him as he soared like 75 feet above my head on a Honda [motorbike]. Now I'm so addicted to motocross!"

Due next from Ms. Dickinson: two books, a one-woman Broadway show and more reality TV. Just call her the World's Most Ubiquitous First Supermodel.