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Jane the Virgin Finale Recap: A Wedding, a Baby and Jane's Next Great Love

We're still an emotional mess

Sadie Gennis

How have we reached this time already? Finale season is always hard, but there may be no show harder to say goodbye to than Jane the Virgin(even if the goodbye is only temporary until the CW drama moves to its new night next fall). Since premiering three years ago, Jane has established itself as the most consistently heartwarming (and occasionally heartbreaking) show currently on TV. And with the promise of Michael's (Brett Dier) return via flashback in Monday's season finale, we knew we were in for something special, even by Jane standards, going into the anticipated episode.

So what was Michael's return about (and how much did it make us cry)? Did Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Ro's (Jaime Camil) wedding go off without a hitch? (Of course not!) And how is Jane (Gina Rodriguez) coping with her newly resurfaced feelings for Rafael (Justin Baldoni), especially given the fact that Rafael is now acting on his newly resurfaced feelings for Petra (Yael Grobglas)? (Pretty decently, if you ask us!)

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Two days ahead of the wedding, and Jane the Wedding Planner is on fire (at one point quite literally). All of Jane's excellent organizational skills are coming in handy as she juggles her parents' many elaborate needs in order to pull off their dream fairy tale wedding. But all that hard work is threatened when Rogelio's ex Darcy shows up pregnant with his child.

Needless to say, the timing isn't great, but Darcy explains that a tabloid learned she's knocked up and she doesn't want Rogelio to have to find out about the baby like that. Afraid of Rogelio's reaction, Darcy has Jane tell Rogelio the shocking news, prompting some majorly mixed reactions in the telenovela star.

When Ro shares the news with Xiomara, she's understandably shaken and needs some time to think this through. That's why, despite her continued desire to marry Rogelio, she decides that they should postpone the wedding in order to have the time to properly discuss this.

Scott Everett White/The CW

After canceling the wedding, Xo and Ro meet with Darcy to discuss how to move forward. But when Xo tries to give her two cents on the situation, Darcy shuts her down saying that Xo has no business weighing in since she isn't even marrying Rogelio anymore. Hearing those words out loud, it all clicks for Xo and she realizes that nothing -- not even Rogelio having a daughter with Darcy -- could make her walk away from their relationship.

That's right, people. The wedding is back on! They may have canceled everything already and there's a hurricane outside, but all of that just makes the whole situation that much more dramatic. And at the end of the day, what makes Rogelio happier than drama? (Answer: Attention, mirrors, people pretending not to know who Marc Anthony is.)

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But there is a fine line between drama and disaster. After Xo's wedding dress gets accidentally ruined on the bus ride to the Marbella, we thought this wedding hit rock bottom. Then, the Marbella had to fill the wedding space with guests from the Fairwick, which wasn't capable of keeping them safe during the storm. But if you thought that was bad, imagine how Xo and Rogelio must have felt when the power went out too!

Even with everything that went wrong, Xiomara and Rogelio's wedding is still perfect -- thanks in large part to an incredible speech by Jane about valuing choice and commitment over the simplistic notion of fate.

While Jane's words might have worked magic on her mom and dad, it causes nothing but trouble between Petra and Rafael. Unable to stop thinking about when Rafael chose Jane over her before, all of Petra's insecurities resurface with a vengeance. After a brief kiss with Chuck, Petra tells Rafael that she believes he would choose Jane again if she told him she had feelings for him. And rather than choosing Petra for once, Raf simply decides to throw in the towel and end it. (Poor Petra. Can't she find a love interest worthy of her and her awesome formal shorts?!)

Meanwhile, the entire ordeal, from wedding to the surprise pregnancy, is making Jane think about Michael even more than usual -- something she didn't need help with after her priest revealed that Michael wrote a secret love letter shortly before their wedding. And so in between dealing with the news she's going to have a half-sister, planning a wedding, canceling a wedding and setting up a makeshift wedding in a single afternoon, Jane is also tearing the house apart looking for that elusive letter.

At one point, she thinks she's figured out Michael's hiding spot (under the floorboard in their old apartment), but when she goes back to check, there's nothing there. However, just as Jane is going to chase down Rafael at the wedding to tell him how she feels, one of the home's previous tenants drops Michael's letter off at the Marbella for Jane.

In it, Michael detailed the series of coincidences that led to their meeting and eventual love story for the ages. But in Michael's mind, those weren't coincides at all; they were fate -- something Jane said she didn't believe in until she walks outside and sees who delivered the letter to her: her first love, Adam (Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey).

The pair's reunion is sweet and wonderful and, unlike so many of her interactions with Rafael, seems to come easy. We only saw a minute of them together, and while Adam can never replace Michael, we can already guess he's going to be a major contender for Jane's next great love going forward.

(If you're as emotionally wrecked by all this as we are, we totally get it if you need to take a breather before we continue on because there's a whole lot more that went down in this jam-packed, tear-jerking, beautiful monster of a season finale.)

In between all this love in the air, the finale also wrapped up its major Season 3 mystery: Who killed Scott? As it turns out, for once, Rose isn't lying and she didn't do the deed! It's revealed that the killer was the real Eileen. She apparently killed Scott when he realized that there were two Eileens (well, one real Eileen and one Rose wearing an Eileen mask) running around the hotel. Rose had threatened that if anyone caught on to their scam, she'd kill Eileen. And so the woman thought it was her or Scott, and she chose, well, herself.

But by the time Rose drops this bomb, Luisa has already agreed to testify against her lover in exchange for immunity. She almost immediately regrets this decision when she confronts Raf about pretending his cancer is back and he truly lets her have it. And look, we know that Luisa has done some truly deplorable, selfish and unthinkable things, but saying that Luisa is crazy like her mother and that he wants nothing to do with her is way harsh, Tai.

After the verbal lashing she received from her brother, Luisa is ready for revenge. As coincidence -- or fate -- would have it, she winds up sharing a cab with another scorned sister, Anezka. During their short ride, the two women spill all -- from Luisa revealing Petra was the one who stole Scott's phone and broke up with Anezka, to Anezka revealing that Petra shredded Luisa's father's will that reveals he cut Rafael out.

And so the two women turn around and head right back to the Marbella: Luisa, will in hand, to kick Raf out of the hotel, and Anezka, gun in hand, to steal Raf's phone in order to lure Petra out to the dock alone. So yeah, to call this episode a doozy would be putting it lightly. Fortunately, we have five months to wrap our heads around all the insanity that went down and emotionally prepare ourselves to see Jane fall in love with another man who isn't Michael.