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Jane the Virgin's Final Season Will Come 'Full Circle'

Are you ready to say goodbye?

Megan Vick

Jane the Virgin will end this year and series creator Jennie Snyder Urman and star Gina Rodriguez arrived at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Thursday to bid adieu to the acclaimed series. During the panel discussion the two women discussed how much they mean to each other and what the audience can expect from the final episodes.

Urman explained what she wanted to accomplish in the upcoming season and pay homage to what the show has achieved over the past five years.

"The theme of this year is things coming full circle. I want to revisit certain moments both visually, emotionally and in storylines so it feels some ways and mirrors in some ways where we started to show how much these characters have grown and learned and changed," she said. "There's a moment in the [premiere] where I want Gina coming in in a yellow dress because she came in a yellow dress in the beginning when she proposed to Michael. ... There's things like that all throughout."

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With Michael (Brett Dier) -- or who we think is Michael -- back from the dead, it also allows Jane to bring up issues that plagued the characters in Season 1. Urman teased that going back to those issues will show how much these characters have changed since we first met them.

"We revisit a few issues that have come up with the couples and with their relationships that are handled in different ways because you're not the same person five years later," she said. "I think for the audience to see that these people have grown up a little bit and that they make their decisions in a slightly different way and different things are more important because that's what happens in life -- your priorities shift. I really want that sense."

Overall, the mission of Urman and her team of writers hasn't changed. They want a fully-fleshed show that makes you feel the full-spectrum of emotions.

"I want a sense of closure. ... The philosophy of our writers' room is how can we have our cake and eat it too? How can this person die and then come back? How can this person cry and then laugh? Can we find something beautiful out of something tragic?" she explained. "I want to say goodbye in the right way. I want to stick the landing. It's a lot of pressure but I want to."

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