[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Jane the Virgin.]

Earlier this season on Jane the Virgin, the Narrator (Anthony Mendez) revealed someone would die, but we didn't expect the death to happen so soon!

As the Narrator previously explained, the six people in danger were Rafael (Justin Baldoni), Petra (Yael Grobglas), Alba (Ivonne Coll), Luisa (Yara Martinez), Anezka (Yael Grobglas) and Magda (Priscilla Barnes). We had previously put our money on Madga being the one to bite the bullet, with Anezka as a close second. So did we get it right?

In Friday's episode, Petra did find one of her family members dead, but it wasn't her evil mother. Instead, Petra sadly discovered her sister Anezka hung from the ceiling of one of the Marbella suites.

Right before that tragic reveal, Petra had actually been pretty proud of how she had been handling her twin. With Luisa in a mental institution, Anezka owned two-thirds of the hotel, allowing her and Magda to overrule Petra at every turn. In order to stop Anezka from further enabling Magda's schemes, which were hurting the hotel for Magda's personal gain, Petra lied, saying that she had actually been working with Magda behind Anezka's back all along. Her smoking gun in this insane scheme? The knowledge that Magda had set up Luisa to think she hallucinated Carl (Graham Sibley) when he's actually real.

Unsure who to believe, Anezka begged Scott (Wes Armstrong) to send her a sign from beyond the grave — which apparently was just that she should have a snack and a drink to help her think. Making that decision was the last time we saw Anezka alive, because not long afterwards, Petra is called up to her sister's room to see her body.

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Petra will likely think convincing Anezka that the one person she trusted, Magda, had been using her as a pawn drove her twin sister to commit suicide. But as the Narrator revealed, Anezka didn't kill herself. So who could have killed her?

Was it her mother Magda, who wouldn't hesitate to kill her own daughter if it secured a better financial future for herself? Was it Carl, acting on Magda's orders or in a fit of rage after Anezka confronted him about who he was really working with? Was it one of Rose's (Bridget Regan) goons, sent to get revenge for having Luisa institutionalized?

We likely won't know the killer's identity for a while, but when has that ever stopped us for theorizing?

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