Erica Dasher, Matthew Atkinson Erica Dasher, Matthew Atkinson

Jane by Design's Jane Quimby finally shared a kiss with longtime crush Nick, but soon her double life as a high school student and fashion house assistant will get in their way.

"She can't fill him in on her double life so he starts to feel like something else is going on and he starts to question things," star Erica Dasher tells

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Viewers already have a seen a big change from the more awkward Jane in the premiere to the poised Jane. Dasher credits the quick transformation to Jane's gig as assistant to Donovan Decker head honcho Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell). "By following her passions and working in the fashion world, she starts to develop a confidence there and carries that to school with her. I think that's why Nick starts to notice her," Dasher says.

As Jane changes, Dasher says you'll see a new side to both Murray and her nemesis India (India de Beaufort). "The villains become more vulnerable and the good guys start to make mistakes," Dasher says. MacDowell adds: "Last [episode] you saw Gray's admiration for Jane and you'll start to see a little more of that and the reasons why [Gray] is the way she is."

Jane by Design airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family.

Watch an interview with Dasher about Jane's love life below: