James Wolk James Wolk

It's time for James Wolk to marathon all those When Animals Attack specials. The former Crazy Ones actor has landed a big gig as the lead in CBS' upcoming summer series Zoo.

Based on the James Patterson novel of the same name, Zoo tells the scary tale of a wave of violent and coordinated animal attacks that sweeps across the globe. Wolk will play (don't laugh) Jackson Oz, a zoologist and safari guide who takes it upon himself to figure out what's going on and why animals are treating humans like a free buffet.

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In addition to starring on CBS' The Crazy Ones, Wolk has appeared on Mad MenLone StarPolitical AnimalsHappy Endings and Shameless. This could be the talented actor's long-overdue big break, as he joins CBS' successful—albeit not critically acclaimed—summer programming slate, which also features Halle Berry on Extant and Dean Norris on Under the Dome.

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