James Franco James Franco

Actor. Author. Artist. Director. Oscars host. James Franco has many impressive titles to his name and now he's adding another — activitist.

The Spider-Man actor, 34, posted a YouTube video early Monday to protest Australia's "really silly" decision to ban a film made by his friend and collaborator Travis Mathews.

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Mathews' film I Want Your Love was scheduled to play the Melbourne Queen Film Festival, Sydney's Queer Screen and the Brisbane Queer Film Festival but has since been banned in Australia because of sex scenes featured in the film. In his video, Franco said it was Mathew's film and specifically the "sophisticated way" he used sex that made Franco want to work with him. The two co-directed Interior. Leather Bar, which recently premiered at Sundance.

"Sex is such a big part of our lives and even if it isn't a part of your life — that's a conscious choice to keep it out. It's how we create children. It's how we connect," Franco says. "To keep it from films ... is very short-sighted and, I think, very hypocritical. I don't think we'd be having this conversation if he had made a very violent film."

Watch Franco's full video below: