'90s nostalgia just got a major boost with the addition of throwback family-friendly sitcoms Family Matters, Step By Step, Full House, Boy Meets World, and Home Improvement to Hulu's streaming lineup. To celebrate the return of Steve Urkel to cultural ubiquity, actor Jaleel White just revealed an amazing encounter he had with ER star George Clooney.

Both shows were produced on the Warner Bros. lot in Hollywood, and since their shared setting was the Chicago, Illinois area, Family Matters and ER were filmed on adjoining studio stages.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about some of his favorite memories from the set of the hit series, White revealed that Clooney would often cross paths with the Family Matters team. Things were always pleasant and friendly... Until an issue with Urkel's basketball hoop emerged.

White explained that they were asked to move the hoop set into the common area for both shows' cast and crews to share, but he took it to mean that George Clooney was laying claim to his basketball set, which he simply couldn't tolerate.

"I realized about a month later that this is technically no longer my basketball hoop; this hoop now belongs to Mr. George Clooney," White remembered. "I just figured, 'Well, I have to kick his a-- and remind him who this hoop belongs to.' George Clooney and I played a particularly spirited game of one-on-one, and of all people to walk by and watch this game conclude — 'cause we were really hacking on each other at this point — was [CBS President] Leslie Moonves. He was almost looking at it like, 'Who is allowing the stars of these shows to beat on each other before they're supposed to be filming?'"

That game may have been even more exciting than that time he played pickup with then-President Barack Obama, but sadly, there's no video evidence available for this peak pre-millennial moment just yet. However, it's impossible not to imagine that moment with Moonves ending in White resorting to his typical refrain, with some variation on, "Did I do that?"

In other news, the cast also told EW that they are definitely considering a reunion. Jo Marie Peyton said, "Jaleel and I were talking just a little while ago and he said, 'You know, we can do this.' And I said, 'If they dropped a script at our feet when we walked out of here, we would come back in tomorrow, and the next day we'd have a show shot."

And what's even better is they've already got the perfect pitch for the revival premiere all lined up: ""I think the first scene should be Judy coming down those steps and everybody saying, 'Where you been?'"