Pressly is anxiously awaiting the backstage arrival of her representation, whom she has been with since Day 1. "It wasn't just me who was loyal.... They never took no for an answer and did everything they could to get me in the door. I can't wait to see them right now. We're like family."

8:47 pm: A reporter starts a question saying, "You told me this before and I want you to tell me again...," then asks about Joy being pregnant just as Jaime has dropped her real-life baby weight. "You came to the gym with me, it's not an easy workout," Pressly says to the reporter, as the rest of us feel so outside of the Cool Kids Club.

Where will Jaime put her first Emmy? "I didn't plan to win it, so I have no idea!"

8:48 pm: Wardrobe question No. 2 for Pressly. Then: "What do you feel is your guiding light?" As my thoughts turn to the CBS soap opera, the actress answers, "My son."

Pressly says she got emotional because, "As tough as I am and as rough around the edges as I might be, I'm a softie. This [Emmy win] is important to me because I finally changed everybody's mind and had the opportunity to show what I could do." Having interviewed Jaime about her past B-movie larks and such, I can attest to how much this victory means to her.