Now that former Andy Dick Show funnyman Robert Blesse has landed himself a guest gig on tomorrow night's JAG (9 pm/ET on CBS), we finally know someone who can give us the dirt on the squeaky-clean military drama.

So, Robert, tell your friends at TV Guide Online: Is it true that David James Elliot hogs all the good junk food at the craft-services table? "Actually, I can't say for sure," the cagey actor replies with a chuckle. Sounds like this up-and-comer is under strict orders to withhold any info about his leading man's gluttonous tendencies. "I didn't get to work with [Elliot], but I'm sure he can have all the Fritos he wants."

Just as we suspected! What about major babe Catherine Bell? Does the crew crank up the air conditioning every time the major hottie arrives on the set? "I can't confirm that, either," Blesse says, slyly adding, "I do hear that it's a very happy time, though."

From the way that he's talking — or not talking, technically — we can only assume that the commercial mainstay (who's appeared in spots for Nissan, McDonald's and Sony, among others) is angling for his character, Marine Corp. Shehy, to recur. Go on and confess, Robert; the jig is up. "No, unfortunately, the corporal doesn't make it," reveals the actor, who was a scene stealer in the indie film Audition. "He's killed by friendly fire in Iraq."

Eeesh. In closing then, perhaps Blesse will cop to which was funnier — working with gonzo comedian Dick... or getting splattered with sticky-sweet TV blood? "Andy always makes sure you're having a good time, but I would have to say it was easier to keep a straight face shooting JAG," he replies. "Bullets [albeit blanks] and explosions bring you down to earth pretty quick!"