Jacob Lusk Jacob Lusk

Despite winning a coveted Golden Ticket, Jacob Lusk almost didn't make it on American Idol because he lacked another ticket, TMZ reports.

Back in February 2009, he was cited for riding the Los Angeles metro without a ticket. When he blew off the court hearing, a warrant was issued for his arrest. That warrant came back to haunt him.

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In November 2010, a day after receiving his ticket to Hollywood, the singer was pulled over for a traffic stop (maybe he wasn't driving a Ford?). The officer saw the warrant and arrested Lusk, who pled no contest to his earlier free ride on the metro. He was sentenced to three days in jail, which he served while serenading his fellow inmates and some guards in order to keep his voice in fighting form.

Unfortunately, he was also sentenced to two years of probation, which would have prevented him from appearing on Idol. The kind judge terminated the probation, and thus an Idol finalist was born.

As judges go, Jacob has been lucky in life and on the show. Simon Cowell would never have been so lenient.