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TV Guide Network will premiere a new Michael Jackson documentary, Gone Too Soon, on June 25 to mark the one-year anniversary of his death.

The two-hour special, which will air on the same day in more than 50 countries, comes from author and filmmaker Ian Halperin, who penned the 2009 New York Times best-selling book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson. Culled from more than 300 hours of footage shot before and after Jackson's death, Gone Too Soon will focus on the end of Jackson's life, as recounted by those who were closest to him, including the singer's personal manager, chef, spiritual advisor, hairstylist and bodyguard. The film also includes exclusive audio and video of Jackson himself.

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"I couldn't see Gone Too Soon

airing on any other channel besides TV Guide Network," Halperin, who spent more than five years researching Jackson, said in a statement. "With the success they had with the Susan Boyle special, this proved to be the right home not only for the movie but also for my brand. I hope this is long-lasting relationship.""Michael Jackson was the biggest entertainer in the world," said Diane Robina, executive vice president of programming and marketing at TV Guide Network. "A year after his death, people are still fascinated with his life story. We're thrilled to participate in this global media event by presenting this gripping documentary to his fans across the U.S."Gone Too Soon premieres June 25 at 9/8c on TV Guide Network.