I've been looking forward to this all summer, but hurry up and break some hearts, Tyra; I need to see what's in the hatch! It looks like ANTM got its budget back after last cycle's cramped, inner-city digs and cheap excursions. Now the squealing poseurs get a posh Beverly Hills mansion and a stretch SUV to call their own. There are going to be some good catfights this fall, and a couple of good sob stories, too. I will definitely love to hate Texas beauty queen Cassandra, who explains that she's not icy because she doesn't like sharing her feelings with people, she just doesn't have any feelings. Ashley "Pretty Gene" was too easy to loathe, so I'm glad she's gone. I hope Ebony stays longer than I think her first photo indicates, 'cause she's going to be fun to quote "Don't get it twisted!" And with her frank commentary about stuffing Nicole in a closet, Bre is close behind in the quote race. Kim the lesbian isn't quite as controversial as she thinks she is, but it will be interesting to see if they can make a model out of her. Coryn's scary eyebrows are fooling everyone into thinking that without them, she might be pretty. Kyle and Jayla might be the pretty ones everyone forgets about, but I could be wrong. I can tell they're just not feeling plus-size criminal investigator Diane. Who seems in it for the long haul? Whiney Nicole's got that girly pixie look; crazy Lisa is the one with the unconventional face; the judges always love molding a girl who's as awkward as Sarah (she could be this season's Shandi or Michelle); and everyone loved Nik's photo. I do miss Janice at the judges' table. Twiggy's just so darn nice, encouraging even. Are we going to have to wait for another Tyra meltdown to hear any mean comments?