<EM>Surface</EM> Surface

This isn't a complaint, just an observation: So far this season, even more than the first two, the plot is just a very loose structure on which to build a bunch of silly jokes. George Sr.'s under house arrest and wants to plead not guilty at his upcoming hearing because he was really just a patsy for some Brits who set him up to build houses for Saddam Hussein. And somehow this premise gives us an opportunity to see George prefer prison to his wife's frisky advances; Gob plan an elaborate "protestacular" outside the courthouse; Tobias try out wigs and hair plugs in an effort to prove he's leading-man material for Gob's "prostaticular"; the whole family act like crazy "chickens" to make fun of Michael; Lindsay getting the only vehicle that could top the jet stairs, the cabin trailer; and a legal system in which you can hire TV lawyers like Andy Griffith or L.A. Law's Harry Hamlin to sit at your table and help your case. And then there's Michael's fateful trip to Wee Britain, Orange County, where he's "struck by something he remembered from childhood" and meets Charlize Theron's lovely Rita (yikes, what a name this week!). I wish I hadn't already gotten the scoop on the secret Rita's hiding, but I think everyone else can probably guess it has something to do with her being too good to be true, wearing a teddy-bear backpack and not cringing at Michael's painful attempts to joke with British phrases. Loved the line "Lucky for you, my whole face is British!"

Favorite little jokes of the night:
1) Buster's stub being blurred out like an obscene body part while he looks for his prosthetic hand.
2) George Michael explaining his "stupid" girl problem, "The girl isn't stupid; the problem is, and the narrator adding, "But if they had a child, it would be, because the girl was his cousin, Maeby."