Isaiah Mustafa Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa — best known to TV viewers as Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" — has signed a talent deal with NBC, his rep confirms.

The deal comes after the actor garnered attention nationwide (and an appearance on Oprah) for his "I'm on a horse" commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XLIV.

Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa visits — not on a horse

"We felt he was a piece of talent worth developing," Grace Wu, NBC's senior vice president of casting, told Variety, which first reported the deal. "He's an attractive guy who's just as funny and charming."

As part of the new deal, Mustafa will audition for roles in NBC's current series, mostly sitcoms, as well as future pilots at the network.

VIDEO: Watch Mustafa's Old Spice ad

Addtionally, Mustafa has a second Old Spice commercial set to air in the coming months.

Mustafa's rep did not immediately return requests for comment.

Are you excited the Old Spice guy is headed to NBC?