The Society became one of the breakout teen shows of the year when it premiered in May. Starring Kathryn Newton (Big Little Lies, Detective Pikachu) as Allie, a high schooler who winds up becoming leader of a new society when she and her classmates are mysteriously transported to a nearly exact replica of their Connecticut town, only all the other residents are MIA.

In between trying to solve the mystery of how they got there — and how they can get home — the kids of the new society, which they dub New Ham, must figure out how to survive, including learning how to farm enough food and survive the upcoming winter. But when one of their own is killed, the façade of civilization falls apart, and there are those, such as Allie's psychopathic cousin Campbell (Toby Wallace), who are more than willing to exploit the situation for their personal gain.

If you haven't watched The Society yet, here's where you can stream the series right now:

Is The Society on Netflix?

Yes! The Society is a Netflix Original. And while the existential teen drama has yet to be renewed for Season 2, you can stream the entire first season for free with your Netflix subscription.

Is The Society on Hulu?

No. Of course not.

Is The Society on Amazon Prime Video?

Absolutely not. Netflix would never.

Is The Society on iTunes?

Again, nope. Although, if you're a fan of the band The Society, you can purchase their albums on iTunes.

Is The Society on Vudu?

You already know what we're going to say here: No.

Is The Society On Demand?

Once again, nope. If you wanna watch The Society, you're just gonna have to get Netflix.

Rachel Keller and Kathryn Newton, <em>The Society</em>Rachel Keller and Kathryn Newton, The Society